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Kidney stones

Kidney Stones

What are Kidney Stones? Kidney stones are clumps of minerals and salts that form in your kidneys. When there are excessive amounts of minerals and salts, your body can’t clear them and they stick together (crystallize) to become a stone. They can range in size from a grain of sand to a golf ball. Kidney

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What is Nocturia? If you wake up multiple times at night to urinate, you may suffer from a condition called nocturia. This condition can significantly impact a person’s quality of life, as frequent sleep disruptions can lead to fatigue, irritability, and decreased productivity during the day. While there are many causes of this condition, there

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Bladder Cancer

What is bladder cancer? Cancer occurs when cells in the bladder start to grow out of control. Most tumors develop on the inner layer of the bladder. Some can grow into the deeper bladder layers. As cancer grows through these layers into the wall, it becomes harder to treat. The lining, where tumors initiate, is also

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What is a Vasectomy? A vasectomy is a minor surgical procedure that prevents the release of sperm in semen. Semen is still produced, but it no longer contains sperm. The testes do continue to produce sperm, but they are absorbed by the body. A vasectomy is a popular form of birth control, with over 500,000

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What are Varicoceles? Varicoceles is a medical condition that affects the veins within the scrotum, which is the pouch of skin containing the testicles. Veins normally have one-way valves that help blood flow in the correct direction. In the case of varicoceles, these valves become weak or damaged. As a result, blood can pool in

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Testicular torsion

Testicular Torsion

What is Testicular Torsion? Testicular torsion is when the spermatic cord twists. The spermatic cord provides blood flow to the testicles. This twisting can lead to a reduction or even a complete blockage of blood flow to the affected testicle. It is considered a medical emergency because, without prompt treatment, the lack of blood flow

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Male Infertility

What is Male Infertility? When a male struggles to impregnate his female partner, he may suffer from infertility. Male infertility is a health issue related to problems with sperm count, the health of the sperm, or if the sperm are being successfully delivered to the egg. Though not discussed as openly as female infertility, male

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Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer Prostate cancer is a common form of cancer that affects the prostate, a walnut-sized gland that sits near the urethra and is part of the male reproductive tract. The prostate’s primary function is to produce seminal fluid, an important component of semen. Prostate cancer occurs when abnormal cells develop in the prostate gland

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What is Hematuria? If you have blood in your urine, you’re experiencing hematuria. Taking a closer look at the word, we see that “hemat” means blood and “uria” means urine. This is not a disease, but rather, it’s a symptom of other diseases or conditions. Sometimes, blood in the urine is visible to the naked

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How Can We Help You?

Language Assistance Services for Individuals With Limited English Proficiency

ATTENTION: If you do not speak English, language assistance services, free of charge, are available to you. Call 843-347-2450.

ATENCIÓN: si habla español, tiene a su disposición servicios gratuitos de asistencia lingüística. Llame al 843-347-2450.

PAUNAWA: Kung nagsasalita ka ng Tagalog, maaari kang gumamit ng mga serbisyo ng tulong sa wika nang walang bayad. Tumawag sa 843-347-2450.

注意:如果您使用繁體中文,您可以免費獲得語言援助服務。請致電 843-347-2450。

CHÚ Ý: Nếu bạn nói Tiếng Việt, có các dịch vụ hỗ trợ ngôn ngữ miễn phí dành cho bạn.  Gọi số 843-347-2450.

주의:  한국어를 사용하시는 경우, 언어 지원 서비스를 무료로 이용하실 수 있습니다. 843-347-2450. 번으로 전화해 주십시오.

ATANSYON: Si w pale Kreyòl Ayisyen, gen sèvis èd pou lang ki disponib gratis pou ou. Rele 843-347-2450.

ВНИМАНИЕ: Если вы говорите на русском языке, то вам доступны бесплатные услуги перевода. Звоните 843-347-2450.

ՈՒՇԱԴՐՈՒԹՅՈՒՆ՝  Եթե խոսում եք հայերեն, ապա ձեզ անվճար կարող են տրամադրվել լեզվական աջակցության ծառայություններ:  Զանգահարեք 843-347-2450:

ATTENZIONE: In caso la lingua parlata sia l’italiano, sono disponibili servizi di assistenza linguistica gratuiti. Chiamare il numero 843-347-2450.

فارسیتوجه: اگر به زبان فارسی گفتگو می کنید، تسهیلات زبانی بصورت رایگان برای شما فراهم می باشد. با


ATENÇÃO: Se fala português, encontram-se disponíveis serviços linguísticos, grátis.  Ligue para 843-347-2450.

ملحوظة:  إذا كنت تتحدث اذكر اللغة، فإن خدمات المساعدة اللغوية تتوافر لك بالمجان.  اتصل برقم 1-_843-347-2450_____________ (رقم هاتف الصم والبك).

ध्यान दें:  यदि आप हिंदी बोलते हैं तो आपके लिए मुफ्त में भाषा सहायता सेवाएं उपलब्ध हैं। 843-347-2450 पर कॉल करें।


ATTENTION: Si vous parlez français, des services d’aide linguistique vous sont proposés gratuitement.  Appelez le 843-347-2450.