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Ways To Reduce Risk Of Prostate Cancer

Patients that have a family history of cancer must find better ways to lower their risks and extend their longevity. Prostate diseases could present men with serious risks and prevent them from becoming fathers. If they develop cancer, they may have to undergo prostate removal surgeries to eliminate the cancer. 

When they suspect they have cancer, men must visit a doctor that specializes in urological conditions that could have a detrimental effect on the patient. The health care services include cancer screenings and other treatments that improve the patient’s survival rates if they do develop cancer. They can make vital health changes to decrease their risks. 

The Consumption of Red Foods

Watermelon, tomatoes, and beets are all foods that are high in lycopene which is a strong antioxidant. Studies show that antioxidants fight cancer cells and help patients fight cancer. If they start eating these foods before they develop cancer, patients have a better chance of avoiding prostate risks. Even if they never develop cancer in their lives, the antioxidants can improve their health and extend their longevity. 

Drink More Green Tea

Studies show that drinking green tea or consuming isoflavones such as peanuts and chickpeas decreases the risk of cancer. The isoflavones make the body healthier and can decrease cancer cells. Patients who suspect that they may have cancer could increase their consumption of green tea and these foods. Green tea within itself provides great health benefits and detoxes the body. By drinking it at least twice a day, the patient improves their health dramatically. 

Decrease Your Consumption of Animal Fats

Medical studies show that men who consume too many animal fats are at a greater risk of cancer. This doesn’t mean they shouldn’t eat meat, but they should lower their consumption of cheese and butter. Doctors also recommend avoiding overcooking meats as the process increases the volume of carcinogens in the meat. Patients can replace some of the animal fats they eat each day with plant-based foods to get more health benefits. 

Eat More Fruits and Veggies

Fruits and veggies have compounds that break down carcinogens and eliminate harmful substances from the body. Carcinogens are known to cause cancer throughout the body, and patients must find new ways to reduce these substances and eat healthier foods.

By choosing fruits and vegetables, they can increase antioxidant intake and improve their health and refine their bodies. When undergoing prostate cancer treatment, doctors will recommend dietary changes that address their health concerns. 

Stop Smoking Right Now

All medical studies support the claim that smoking tobacco products can lead to several forms of cancer, and men should just like everyone else consider quitting. By quitting smoking, the body has time to heal itself and remove some of the nicotine and tar buildup in the lungs.

This could improve the entire body and cause positive changes. Patients that take steps to quit smoking can significantly decrease their risk of cancer, and men could see better results when visiting a urology specialist for a prostate exam. 

Eat More Fish

Omega-3 fatty fish acids are healthy and a must for everyone, and the fatty acids lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer. By switching to fish instead of red meats, patients improve their health quickly, and they will notice changes in heart function. Fish is less likely to clog the arteries like red meats and saturated fats, and men can decrease the risks to their prostate. 

Lower the Consumption of Dairy

Studies show that high-calcium diets cause cancer, and they place patients at a higher risk of developing other diseases. Men who are at risk of cancer must consider a reduction of dairy intake and avoid too much calcium in their diet. 

Starting an Exercise Program

Doctors recommend starting a new exercise program to improve health, and they can recommend new options for patients who are at risk of cancer. The exercises program can decrease their body mass index and lower their risks.

The right plan can help the patient lose weight and arrive at a healthier weight. Doctors can recommend plans according to the patient’s existing health conditions, and they can avoid injuries that could increase risks. Obesity is a factor that can lead to cancer, and it could also cause a multitude of other underlying diseases that threaten the patient’s health. 

Finding the Right Balance With Coffee 

Studies show a correlation between cancer development and the consumption of coffee. Many people drink coffee each day to wake up and get through a tiring day. However, the problem is that many patients will consume too much coffee and affect their health negatively.

Doctors recommend restricting coffee to no more than 40 milliliters a day. A higher intake of caffeine could increase the risk of cancer and cause other health concerns such as hypertension. Coffee drinkers could also consider consuming more decaf than regular coffee to get more health benefits from their beverage.  

Where to Get Help

Atlantic Urology Clinics provides patients in their area with exceptional health care services, and they provide the highest standard of care possible. Men who are experiencing sudden urological problems and need a proper diagnosis set up screenings for prostate cancer. The medical center offers exceptional services for their patients, and the doctors provide specialty care for all patients. Men can learn more about the services by contacting the medical center for an appointment now. 

Patients who are at risk of developing prostate diseases such as cancer must find new ways to lower their risks and improve their health. Several factors such as higher intake of dairy, red meat, and caffeine could cause cancer. When making health changes, the patient must reduce foods and beverages that could help them find cancer if they develop it. 

For example, red foods such as tomatoes contain strong antioxidants that are known to eradicate cancer cells and make the body healthier. Green tea also offers antioxidants and flushes impurities out of the body. Patients that consume these foods and beverages could decrease their risk of cancer and improve their health dramatically.  

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