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Tips For Preventing Urinary Tract Infections

Patients may experience issues with a variety of organ systems throughout their lives. Bacteria can develop quickly and spread. With UTIs, the bacteria will spread throughout the bladder and kidneys causing urgency and severe pain. Some patients may experience a fever with the infection and need to see a doctor as quickly as possible. 

Urologists are familiar with the signs and effects of UTIs and other urological conditions. The doctors can provide testing and diagnostic care for patients who may have an infection. The specialists can also find more severe conditions, such as bladder cancer, at earlier stages if the patient seeks healthcare quickly. 

Drink the Right Amount of Water Each Day

Doctors recommend drinking at least 8, 8-ounce glasses of water each day. This is the best way to stay hydrated and lower the risk of a UTI. Patients should also limit their consumption of soft drinks and caffeinated drinks as they can cause UTIs if patients drink the beverages too often. Carbonated water dehydrates the body and prevents it from flushing out urine properly. At the first sign of an infection, the patient needs to seek treatment promptly. 

Patients that do not consume water are at a greater risk of developing infections. They could also develop kidney or bladder diseases because of bacterial buildup. Overactive bladders are often caused by infections and dysfunctional bladders. 

Never Hold It When You Have to Go

Holding it in when the patient needs to urinate increases the risk of urinary tract infections. If individuals don’t eliminate the urine when they get the urge, it increases bacterial growth in the bladder and kidneys, causing an infection. The body is designed to eliminate all waste products according to its needs, and patients that ignore the call of nature are just setting themselves up for an infection and bladder issues later. 

Urinate Before and After Intercourse

Frequent intercourse is a common cause of UTIs. Honeymoon syndrome is caused when a couple has intercourse too frequently during the ‘honeymoon phase” of their relationship. The condition involves a UTI and other aches and pains caused by more frequent intercourse. Doctors recommend that all couples make sure they urinate before and after intercourse to reduce their risks. 

Avoid Scented Feminine Hygiene Products

Scented feminine hygiene products increase the risk of UTIs and other bacterial infections. Gynecologists have recommended for decades that women should avoid scented hygiene products or products that have any added fragrances.

The added ingredients introduce bacteria to the vagina and the bacteria can spread. This means an increased risk of UTIs as bacteria travels to the urethra. Urologists do not recommend the use of any fragrant products in or near the vagina or urethra. Scented douches, pads, and tampons could drive up the risk of bacterial growth and infections in places no one wants to have an infection. 

Avoid Certain Birth Control Methods

Some birth control methods increase the risk of UTIs and similar infections. These methods include diaphragms, non-lubricated condoms, spermicides, and spermicide condoms. Each of the birth control methods could increase bacterial growth and cause serious infections.

Diaphragms that are left in for too long allow bacteria to grow and spread throughout the vagina and urinary tract. Non-lubricated condoms push bacteria on the outside of the vagina into it. The chemicals and ingredients in any spermicides can increase the risk of infections even if they are washed away after intercourse. Further precautions are needed when using these birth control methods. If the patient experiences frequent UTIs, the patient needs to find another birth control method. 

Get Antibiotics As Soon As Possible

Antibiotics are the only proven way to get rid of a urinary tract infection. The medications kill the bacteria and flush the bladder and kidneys. The antibiotics often change the color of the urine and increase the volume the patient passes each hour. Doctors may recommend avoiding certain foods and beverages while the patient takes the antibiotics. Soft drinks are the worst beverages a patient can consume when treating a UTI. Some clinicians may recommend drinking water and cranberry juices. Patients should also review the side effects of the antibiotics. Some antibiotics increase the risk of yeast infections in women. 

Eat More Yogurt

By consuming plain yogurt, patients can decrease bacterial growth in their bodies. Doctors recommend that women should consume yogurt when they have an active infection or are taking antibiotics. It decreases the risk of yeast infections in the vagina and mouth. Vaginal yeast infections and thrush are common side effects of antibiotics. 

Increase Consumption of Cranberries

Cranberries manage the growth of bad bacteria in the body, are infused with vitamin C, and increase the acidity of urine to kill bacteria. Patients can drink cranberry juice or take supplements to get the same effects. 

Men Should Get Tested More Often

For many men, there aren’t any signs of a UTI. If their partner has been diagnosed with a UTI, it is recommended that the man get tested, too. This could prevent the couple from passing it back and forth and getting reinfected. 

Where to Get Help

Atlantic Urology Clinics provide comprehensive health care for their patients. The clinic provides complete checkups, testing, surgical procedures, and treatments for all urological conditions. The doctors provide a high standard of care for all their patients and ensure that patients get the correct medications and procedures to address their medical conditions. Patients who need help from urology specialists start by setting up an appointment for testing now. 

Patients with UTIs will need to seek help from a urologist. The condition causes urgency, pain, discomfort, and fever. The infections spread throughout the urinary tract and could affect other organs if not treated completely. Patients must take antibiotics to get rid of the bacteria-based infections. 

Urologists can conduct testing for the patients if the patients are having persistent UTIs. This is a sign of bladder cancer that requires testing for the disease. Patients will need to undergo a biopsy to determine if they have cancer or are at risk of the disease. 

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