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Erectile dysfunction Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment

An embarrassing thing that occurs with a lot of men is a sexual disorder dealing with the penis, and it is more common than many men may know. Because men tend to judge their manliness by their libido, they will attempt to hide the fact they are dealing with such a disorder, so the numbers may actually be higher than recorded. However, the numbers recorded report that about five percent of men have complete disorders pertaining to erections by the age of 40, and that number increases to 15 percent by the age of 70. It is worth examining what are the causes of these disorders, diagnosing them, and treating them so these men can begin to enjoy the intimacy of sex once again.

Looking at Some Causes of Sexual Disorders in Men 

A term that a man does not want to hear his physician say to him is that he has erectile dysfunction, as the term sends a shivering chill down the man’s back. He no longer feels like the man he once was, and he doesn’t know if he can get back to where he was. There is help for men when they find themselves the victim of this rather common disorder. Men may find comfort in realizing that more than 30 million of them report this disorder to their doctor, making it the most common sex problem reported. The disorder occurs when there is limited blood flow to the penis or the nerves in that area are damaged. It also occurs because of illnesses, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and the hardening of the arteries.

More Causes of Erectile Dysfunction 

A man who has high cholesterol may also experience sexual problems of this nature, as well as a man who has kidney issues, such as chronic kidney disease. Low testosterone could be another factor that leads to erectile dysfunction, as well as benign prostatic hyperplasia. Certain medications that are used may also be the cause of an erectile disorder, and those who are smokers may also experience the disorder. A man who is under a lot of stress may find himself dealing with this disorder also.

Diagnosis of Erectile Dysfunction 

In order to get the actual diagnosis of an erectile disorder, the man will need to see his urologist, who will run various tests to be conclusive. To get started on a proper diagnosis, the health care provider will ask many questions about the man’s cardiovascular health and his erection problems. The doctor will find out if the man uses drugs, drinks excessive amounts of alcohol, and if there are any stressors in his life. The doctor will be building a profile to assist in a complete diagnosis of the patient in relation to his sexual health.

Looking at Treatments of Erectile Disorders 

There are many ways to provide ed treatment to the man who is experiencing this embarrassing condition, and some work better for others. There will have to be some lifestyle changes. For example, a man should stop smoking if he doing that. He should also limit his intake of alcoholic beverages and find natural ways to deal with illnesses versus taking certain medications that may be factors in leading to erectile disorders. Of course, these prescription medications should not be stopped without first getting authorization from the doctor who prescribed them.

More Ways to Treat Erectile Dysfunctions 

Another way for erectile issues to be treated is through the use of oral treatments, such as Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis, but these don’t work for everyone. Another method that is becoming very popular is the penile implant, used by many men as a last resort. The surgery required for this will be placing flexible rods or rods that are inflatable into the penis. A saline solution goes into the inflatable rod to cause an erection when the man presses on the pump. When the man is finished, the pump can be deflated again to return the penis to its flaccid state.

There are also shots that men can get that will aid in giving them the erection they could not sustain on their own. Testosterone therapy is also a method that is tried, especially when the man has a low sex drive due to the low motility of the testosterone. A vacuum erection device is another alternative that is tried for a lot of men, and there is some success with the use of this when the oral methods do not work. There are also intracavernosal and urethra therapies for those men who desire to try these methods.

Looking at Urologists Who Can Help 

Atlantic Urology Clinics offer services in the area with cutting-edge technology for the benefit of our patients. Telehealth services are also available for patients, especially considering the pandemic that is currently being experienced. Our urologists are on the staff to answer any questions the male patients may have about the erectile condition. To get more information about their condition, patients are encouraged to consult with urologists who will give them a thorough examination and diagnosis of their condition.

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